Con-scripts written from right to left

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Con-scripts written from right to left

Postby Vavva » Mon 23 Sep 2013 5:03 pm

Greetings. My conlang (and con-script) Vavileqel is,for somewhat complicated reasons, written from right to left, .siht ekil ylhguor
This has made my fair share of troubles when I was trying to create a font for this conlang. If any of you guys have any experience with creating fonts etc. for Arabic alphabet-using languages or Hebrew (or others), could you please share with me how you get kerning, proper direction of writing, and able construction of the types with a OTF-capable font program?
I've tried several ones, including FontForge (which gave me creeps and nightmares), HL FontCreator (of which I discovered the 500$ price tag mid-designing, and it couldn't write RTL...), before I settled on the decent, but mediocre TypeLight 3.2.
Still I struggle with the highlighted issues above, and it would've been very nice if a fellow RTL conlanger (if they exist...) or Arabic/Hebrew font designer could help me with one or more of these issues.

-Letters take more space and overlap, even when they are designed with comfortable gaps at the end (as in green vertical line during letter design)
-Letters won't be written in the proper direction in Word (in which I test all this), even though I haven't tried changing system language to a RTL one. Is this necessary?


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