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English Cyrillic Alphabet - Phonetic

Postby choc_pud » Wed 16 Jan 2013 1:10 pm

Haha, title-stealing!

The other day I invented a way of writing English using the Cyrillic alphabet, and here it is:

Глыф: Прөнунцыёшун:
а /æ/
я /ɑː/
е /ɛ/
э /ɛː/
о /ɐ/, /ʊ/
ѿ /ɔː/
ы /ɪ/
и /i/, /iː/
у /ə/, /ʌ/
ю /uː/
ъ /ɜː/

Глыф: Прөнунцыёшун:
ӓ /aɪ/
ә /aʊ/
ё /eɪ/
ӧ /ɔɪ/
ө /əʊ/

Глыф: Прөнунцыёшун:
б /b/
ч /ʧ/
д /d/
ӂ /ʤ/
d /ð/
ф /f/
г /g/
һ /h/
к /k/
х /x/
л /l/
м /m/
н /n/
ҥ /ŋ/
п /p/
р /r/, /ɹ/
с /s/
ш /ʃ/
т /t/
þ /θ/
ц /ts/
в /v/
ь /w/
й /j/
з /z/
ж /ʒ/

It uses the letters "d" and thorn out of Latin, but they fit alright in text.

What doest thou thinketh?

Dyfal donc a dyr y garreg, ydy?
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