Transliterational Tamil

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Transliterational Tamil

Postby MOHAN SAUBHAGYA » Sat 11 Apr 2015 5:47 am

ß/ஃ-enriched Tamil Script
In order to reduce the polyphonemicity of the Tamil Script mainly when transliterating /transcribing the sounds of other languages, here is a proposed method:
• ப = P; ßப = B; ß’ப =Bh ( भ in devanagari)
• த = Th (voiceless dental stop T); ßத = Dh; ß’த =Dhh (ध in devanagari)
• க = K; ßக = G; ß’த =Gh (घ in devanagari)
• ச = S; ßச = Ch; ß’ச =Chh (छ in devanagari)
• ட = retroflex T! (ट in devanagari); ßட = retroflex d! ( ड in devanagari); ß’ட =aspirated retroflex d!h (ढ in devanagari)

• ெஒ……… (initial AU औ) instead of ஔ……; and …..ൈ (medial or final AU ौ) instead of ……..ௌ.
• In addition to ஃப=F and ஃஜ=Z; more sounds can be represented by using the aitam sign (ஃ) which is in fact was used in Old Tamil as glottal stop at the end of syllable (equivalent to Arabic hamzah/ain ء/ع or Malay final K) such as:
- ஃத= voiced dental fricative TH as in English ‘this’ or Arabic ذ ; ஃச= voiceless dental fricative TH as in English ‘thing’ or Arabic ث; ஃவ= labio-velar W as in English “We”; ஃக = empathic Uvular Q/K as in Arabic ق; ஃட=emphatic pharyngeal T as in Arabic ط; ஃற= voiced velar fricative GH as in Arabic غ; ஃழ=emphatic pharyngealized alveolar D as in Arabic ض; ஃஸ=emphatic pharyngeal S as in Arabic ص; ஃஷ= velar fricative KH as in a in German Auch or Arabic خ; ஃஹ=pharyngeal H as in Arabic ح; ஃள = emphatic pharyngeal Z as in Arabic ظ ; ஃக்ஷ= Jh (as in devanagari झ); ஃஶ= ZH (as in the French/Russian J)
- ********
* Furthermore, double/geminated letters (such as ப்ப ட்ட ச்ச த்த ) can be shortened by using only one letter preceded by a germination/doubling sign (ँ) as is the case with the Punjabi ( ੱ ) or the Arabic (ّ). Hence, ँபீ instead of ப்பீ; ँபி instead of ப்பி; ँபூ instead of ப்பூ; ँபு instead of ப்பு etc.
* Another alternative method is to borrow/adapt letters from Grantha, Malayalam, Telugu, Sinhalese or Greek.

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Re: Transliterational Tamil

Postby MOHAN SAUBHAGYA » Tue 14 Apr 2015 5:34 am

ξப = Ph (devanagari फ); ξக= Kh (devanagari ख ); ξத= Th (devanagari थ); √ (for capitalization). ஃ'/ξ'/δ' for more variations. மோβ'கன் சுபாக்ய. அன்புடன்

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