A new writing system to share

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A new writing system to share

Postby martinluan » Fri 15 May 2015 12:56 am

Hello, everybody! Great to be here to make friends with similar interest. This writing system is on Omniglot Website already, some of you might have seen it. I just want to re-post here to hear comments from you. I tried the application to many different languages. Here is the version for English first. I used to call it Kogor with previous letter basic arrangement. Now I intend to call it GoRoK or something else with new letter table. The letters remain same.

English_GoRoK V1.0.png
English_GoRoK V1.0.png (72.33 KiB) Viewed 197 times

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Re: A new writing system to share

Postby martinluan » Sat 23 May 2015 6:53 am

After a bit adjustment, I tried to create a writing system to be the alternative to pinyin for Chinese Mandarin.

It has below features:
1. each word has 3 sections, initial(plus medial if any), tone, rime(nucleus plus coda if any).
2. tone is always part of word, set before the rime, not as additional mark.
3. related word could be connected from bottom.

The table and sample are as attached for your reference.
Chinese May22.png
Chinese May22.png (60.6 KiB) Viewed 116 times

Your comments are welcome! Thanks!

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Re: A new writing system to share

Postby shenafu » Mon 01 Jun 2015 9:12 pm

many people misunderstand the purpose of lowercase letters and how to make them good. lowercase is not just smallcaps. it's to help writing letters easier. Good example is Latin, Bad example is Cyrillic.

this particular font style is hard to read. vertical lines too thick.

tone markers may work for few tones. what about languages with 6+ tones?
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Re: A new writing system to share

Postby martinluan » Tue 02 Jun 2015 9:35 pm


Thank you very much for the comments! I agree with you the lower case are not only the smaller size of upper case. The evolution is mainly from the handwriting convenience concern. To evaluate a conscript system, two things are very important, input and output. The output is about the reading convenience, the input, the writing. In modern society, with the technology development, people use less handwriting than typing or sound input. I believe a successful conscript should focus more on output than input. (It would be nice if we could balance the two.)

My fonts are actually not that difficult as you said. It is just one type of Print version. It might cause some reading discomfort to some people since most of the strokes are composed of simple lines either horizontal or vertical. However, if you understand the basic font making rules, it is very easy to follow. In adjusted versions, definitely we could add circle, arc, slash etc concepts in as longs as the basic script rules remain. We use the thick strokes here to add some changes and highlight some font features. In my view, it makes reading easier actually. In handwriting, thick strokes could be totally ignored. (I have several versions at hands now.)

The current tones design is only for Standard Mandarin. I don't know much of other language with 6 tones or more. The 5 tones are designed to reflex some tone values instead of simply marking 1-5. It seems diacritical tones are not used consistently somehow so I am thinking of marking pinyin differently in this system. You could find out I still use diacritics in my main conscripts for other languages, English, French, Esperanto etc.

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