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Meikar's Official Script

Postby Lord-Ragnarock » Sun 09 Sep 2012 10:13 pm

Now that I have an almost-canonized script for my language, I can somewhat show how it works!

This script is in one case unoriginal, in that it seems to resemble a mix of Hindi and Ogham. However, the concept is also original in that it's very futuristic, and probably has a much different way (compared to Hindi) of expressing vowels.

Type of script? It's borderline between abjad and abugida, but technically abjad. (at least from my knowledge of alphabets. Correct me if I'm wrong!)

Notable features: It looks like circuitry; Everything goes on a line; Every line needs to have a starting and ending character.

For a start, the consonants! the reality is that I came uup with the shapes by semi-random thought. Though some of the shapes could be looked at as being your mouth from the right side (Not intended, but a nice side benefit!)


FYI, The "Soft" character, when attached to the bottom-right corner or dead-end (those circles) of a consonant, changes its pronunciation to what's in parentheses.

Also, the "Standalone" character, when attached properly (top-right-most corner/dead-end, or in Kh a rather odd way), is like what you'd expect from the Sheva in Hebrew. It simply makes the consonant stand on its own, instead of have a vowel after it. The "vowel of vowelessness" as I call it.

Next up, the vowels! Unlike the consonants, which I took time to think out, my vowels evolved due to lack of planning, and as such exceptions arose. They used to be marks that were written around the consonants themselves, but I eventually changed them to be things attached, and then changed them to be multiples-of-45-degree angles instead of curvy lines. Now the system looks consistent!


Now for a rather interesting factor, the starting and ending characters! Not too much to say here. Here you go! :D


With that example sentence, you can see very well how phrases are written in Meikar!

Me being me, I end to miss a lot of details without thinking about it. So feel free to ask questions! :)
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