Two More Experimental Spelling Schemes for English

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Two More Experimental Spelling Schemes for English

Postby Glossaphile » Wed 08 Aug 2012 2:59 pm

For my initial post, I'd like to share my two schemes for English spelling reform, which I began tinkering with several months ago as a linguistic experiment. My personal favorite, Restored Latinate Spelling v4.0 ([url]httpː//[/url]), attempts to restore a more Romanized vowel configuration, while the other, Regularized English Orthography v5.8 ([url]httpː//[/url]), attempts to use more uniquely English patterns and apply them in a more consistent way. Both have evolved over several drafts, and there's no guarantee that these are the final versions.

If anyone's interested in perusing either PDF guide, I would love to hear both your thoughts on the merits of reform in general and your critiques of the particular schemes presented hereǃ
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