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English Cyrillic Alphabet - Phonetic

Postby choc_pud » Wed 16 Jan 2013 1:10 pm

Haha, title-stealing!

The other day I invented a way of writing English using the Cyrillic alphabet, and here it is:

Глыф: Прөнунцыёшун:
а /æ/
я /ɑː/
е /ɛ/
э /ɛː/
о /ɐ/, /ʊ/
ѿ /ɔː/
ы /ɪ/
и /i/, /iː/
у /ə/, /ʌ/
ю /uː/
ъ /ɜː/

Глыф: Прөнунцыёшун:
ӓ /aɪ/
ә /aʊ/
ё /eɪ/
ӧ /ɔɪ/
ө /əʊ/

Глыф: Прөнунцыёшун:
б /b/
ч /ʧ/
д /d/
ӂ /ʤ/
d /ð/
ф /f/
г /g/
һ /h/
к /k/
х /x/
л /l/
м /m/
н /n/
ҥ /ŋ/
п /p/
р /r/, /ɹ/
с /s/
ш /ʃ/
т /t/
þ /θ/
ц /ts/
в /v/
ь /w/
й /j/
з /z/
ж /ʒ/

It uses the letters "d" and thorn out of Latin, but they fit alright in text.

What doest thou thinketh?

Þu forstanden myccel gód Ængliscum!
Du forstår mal godt dansk!
Du verstehest sehr gut Deutsch!
Vous comprendez très bonne, la français!
Вы знат очынь хорошо па-Русский!
Folchen þeo meor goð Sursðk!
Du farstanden rijt gut Norslandich!

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