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Postby cka3b » Mon 15 Jul 2013 4:57 pm

and later in discussion Anoran mentioned Cyrillic 'Ш' and 'Щ' as 'difficult to distinguish'.

Well, I'd like to add that 'a' and 'd', as well as 'l' and 'I' and many other are tergwariously similar. But English readers usually do not have issues with distinguishing them as well as Russian readers do not get confused with 'Ш'/'Щ'.

I believe that human perception can be amazingly precise, if properly taught. But I believe that the Tengwaritis does really exist.

We are all here about constructed scripts, me included. I've produced my own writing system for Russian and exercised reading in this newly constructed script a lot (I can convert Russian texts from regular Cyrillic to my script). So I have an experience to learn reading from the beginning. There are several stages of ability to read:

1. Not all letters are memorized.
2. All letters are memorized.
3. All letters are memorized and being recalled with no effort.
4. Words are being recognized with no effort.

I have reading skill 4 in my native Russian and 3 in my conscript. In my experience Tengwaritis is a disease which happens on stages 1 and 2. So I do not think elves have any Tengwaritis except on very early stages of education.

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Re: Tengwaritis

Postby Anoran » Wed 14 Aug 2013 8:28 am

Tengwaritis is more of a joking reference to Tolkien's writing system than anything. It doesn't actually affect readability all that much, given one is familiar with the script. It more just affects one's ability to learn said language, like you have pointed out. I agree, English has its fair share of Tengwaritis-inducing letters as well, but as you learn the language, you begin to learn where to expect each letter and not the other. Given dyslexia is technically a learning disorder, well... It's sad, but choc_pud might just be right.

Again, if you were looking closely, I did mention it depends on someone's handwriting too. Because some people literally write in scribbles (And it's not shorthand!).

However, regardless, it would be more intriguing to actually see your alphabet!

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Re: Tengwaritis

Postby cka3b » Thu 15 Aug 2013 12:58 am

cka3b wrote:However, regardless, it would be more intriguing to actually see your alphabet!


and the links from there, if you read Russian.

Critics and suggestions are very welcome.

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