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Re: Chữ Nôm ‧字喃

Postby HoainamVN » Sun 30 Jun 2013 10:58 pm


I am a Vietnamese living in Australia and I can speak a little Vietnamese. I am learning and want to become fluent. I found out about Chữ Nôm a few years ago and learned a few characters (like numbers, family pronouns...) but now I am trying to learn it seriously. So far I have only learned about 60 characters but I want to eventually read and write with relative ease.

I have just been learning some common words that I know mainly through I would like to know how you have studied it.

Imbecilica, I admire your abilities! and would like to learn how you studied especially! Thank for your contributions to this forum!

See you soon!
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Re: Chữ Nôm ‧字喃

Postby HoainamVN » Mon 01 Jul 2013 1:33 am

imbecilica wrote:I just ordered a complete Chữ Nôm dictionary a few days ago called "The Dictionary of Nôm Characters with Excerpts" (Tự Điển Chữ Nôm Trích Dẫn). It costs $75 + $25 P&H ($USD100) so it's probably the most expensive publication that I've ever bought!

Tự điển in trên giấy đẹp, tốt, trình bày mỹ thuật, bìa cứng, với hơn 1700 trang, và ‎có trên mười ngàn mục từ với trích dẫn phong phú và giải thích cách cấu tạo chữ rõ ràng.‎

"The dictionary is printed upon paper that is beautiful, of good quality, with a beautiful layout, hardcover, with over 1700 pages, and over ten thousand entries with an abundance of excerpts and clear explanations of how to properly use the word(s)."


Imbecilica, where did you buy this book? I have looked through the internet but cannot find anything. I do not have access to website for some reason, only Thank you!
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