Best Way to Learn French?

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Best Way to Learn French?

Postby HSIEN » Wed 03 Jul 2013 4:51 pm

Do you know any softwares, online courses that you tried and could recommend?

What is the best language learning software do you think?

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Re: Best Way to Learn French?

Postby vbestic » Fri 05 Jul 2013 3:24 pm

It's best to get a local teacher and have private classes with him. But if you are looking for more affordable, but still effective version I would like to suggest you Rocket Languages.

I wrote a review of that course on my blog. It includes screenshots and sneak peek into the members area. I suggest you should check it out before buying it.

Here is my review:

P.S: They have a free trial. It's not so good as a full version but it allows you to have a broad picture about it.

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Re: Best Way to Learn French?

Postby AnitaRai » Sun 15 Sep 2013 5:41 am

I agree that as far as software is concerned, Rocket Languages is great, especially for the price tag (when you buy the download version, it is almost 1/5 the price of Rosetta Stone).

You should realise, however, that each instructor and also each software program has its own teaching/instruction philosophy, which really affects the effectiveness of the program, depending on your learning style.

For instance, Rosetta Stone is totally immersion-based and they don't explain anything in English, for example. They want to force you to pick up the language just as a child would when it is learning to speak.

Fluenz, on the other hand, uses an "apprentice-tutor" method, which is very unique.

You can check out comparisons of the various software here: ... rn-french/

In terms of online programs, I used to really like, but when they changed the presenters, they lost my interest. It was by far the most entertaining learn French program ever, in my opinion.

As a nice resource for practice and improvement, I like to use TV5 Monde's website. It is very good.

I hope this helps out.
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Re: Best Way to Learn French?

Postby daniel84 » Fri 20 Sep 2013 11:40 am

I think online software and apps can be very helpful if someone want to IMPROVE his knowledge of foreign language that he/she want to learn. But, if that person don't have any knowledge at all, then i strongly suggest to hire some privet teacher or start learning language in some good school (exclusively in small groups, with 4-5 students).

@ vbestic: very good and detailed report about "Rocket Languages".. Svaka cast! :)
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