Cantonese Phrasebook?

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Cantonese Phrasebook?

Postby Garethw87 » Tue 18 Dec 2012 6:12 am

I recently seen a post, somebody suggesting there should be a Cantonese phrasebook type thread on here? I'm more then happy to start this. If it's wanted just send some request on what you'd like it to include and I'll add what I can, along with the others on here that seem to know some Cantonese too it shouldn't be to difficult to get a basic phrasebook up!
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Re: Cantonese Phrasebook?

Postby shenafu » Wed 09 Jan 2013 5:52 am

On the one hand, Cantonese is a comedic sounding language. Especially the onomatopoeic phrases and the curse words. Partly due to the terseness of Chinese grammar and the emphasis of Cantonese on harder sounding consonants (namely b,p,g,k,t,d, as opposed to Mandarin favoring softer j,q,x,s,c,z, etc. and omission of ending consonants besides n/ng).

On the other hand, I'm not sure foreigners can appreciate that style. Although I notice from watching Korean shows, they borrowed a lot of Chinese phrases and they sound closer to Cantonese than Mandarin (like zzang, yisang, balli, eumak, etc.)

That's a good start, compare Korean to Cantonese. (Using Cantonese Pinyin)

Cantonese - Korean - definition
faai di - bal li - hurry up, faster, quickly
dzeng - zzang - awesome
kei gwaai (yi soeng is more literary) - yi sang - weird, unusual
yam ok - eum ak - music
go sau - ga soo - singer
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