Urdu honorific plurals and God

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Urdu honorific plurals and God

Postby djpemberton » Tue 02 Sep 2014 12:31 pm

I am an English-speaker trying to learn Hindi and Urdu (though not the Urdu script yet). I am taught, and practice, the usage of honorific plural second and third-person pronouns (extending also to adjectives and verbs) for certain people (such as those that should be shown respect). However, I have been a little confused about pronoun usage when referencing God. My understanding is that in both Hindi and Urdu, God is typically addressed in the second person singular (tu/तू). I believe this is a firm rule in Urdu, though I have heard both singular and plural ("aap" and "tu") used by Hindi speakers. I have heard and read the same in Hindi third person references about God (both "ve" and "vah"). However, my primary question is regarding Urdu references about God in the third person.

So here are my questions:

1. Does Urdu use honorific plurals (pronouns, adjectives, and verbs) in third person when speaking about respected humans?
2. Does Urdu use honorific plurals in the third person when speaking about God?

In your response, keep in mind that I cannot read the Urdu Persian script. I can read devanagari though.

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