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Re: Hungarian

Postby Delodephius » Thu 11 Jun 2009 3:12 pm

An awesome song in Hungarian. The music is also very nice, a sort of I am used to since childhood since it is very much like Slovak folk music.

Another positive thing the front singer has a very generic Hungarian voice, at least to my ears. Again it is also very like a Slovak male generic voice. ... re=related
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Re: Hungarian

Postby MingShuo » Wed 05 Aug 2009 6:55 pm

anna wrote:Is anyone able to recommend any books for learning Hungarian? I have got Teach Yourself and the CD's which are fine for pronounciation but hopeless for grammar. What I particularly need is a good course teaching grammar constructions and a good dictionary. Any ideas? Anna

Good course: "Hàllo, itt Magyarorszàg, magyar nyelvkonyv kulfodieknek" (publisher: Akademiai Kiadò, I think)
I use it and I find it very good. :D
it's all in hungarian, with a good cd and well taught grammar, in my opinion.
It's better if you have an your own dictionary, because sometimes you can't infer the words' meanings and it's better if you have an hungarian friend to correct some difficult exercise or practise the language; I think it's a good website to find foreign friends:
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