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Language learning tools

Postby Jondesousa » Wed 08 Jun 2011 2:30 am

As a sincere polyglot hobbyist, I am always trying to make sure I have all the right tools to study and that I have a way to bring them with me whenever possible. Since my daughter was born last year, free time is sparse so I try to use it as efficiently as possible.

To enable this efficiency on the go I bought myself a good "man-bag" and fill it with the best tools for me. This includes my iPad (loaded with books, aud, movies, dictionaries, ANKI, etc), an iPod nano for portable listening, a good set of around the ear headphones, a moleskine notebook, and a good fountain pen for writing Chinese and Japanese gracefully. Occasionally I wil carry along a book for reading if I don't already have it electronically.

I have put this tool kit together to maximize my study time wherever I am. I can't imagine that I'm the only person studying languages to have something like this together but I never see anyone posting what they use.

I am very curious to see how other people work to see what ideas I can have to improve my studying and hope that my post above may be helpful to others. Anyone else care to share their study setup? I really look forward to responses.


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Re: Language learning tools

Postby Yaziq » Tue 14 Jun 2011 10:29 pm

Welcome to the Forum. I study Ukrainian on LiveMocha, Digitaldialects, and use a Hippocrene book mainly. LiveMocha has some drawbacks. One thumb up, one thumb down.

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