Der kleine Weg ( die Zeitschrift fur Deutschlernende)

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Der kleine Weg ( die Zeitschrift fur Deutschlernende)

Postby olegapostol » Tue 17 May 2011 11:05 am


Der kleine Weg ( die Zeitschrift fur Deutschlernende )

1999-2008| PDF+MP3| 330 MB

Der "Weg" - a magazine for everyone who teaches German. The magazine is published quarterly in: Number of 29.000 copies and distributed in 85 countries.
Der "Weg" is especially good to practice on the lessons of the German language. More than 1800 schools and universities use it as an additional teaching material.
Der "Weg" helps everyone who wants to improve his German. The magazine contains articles about German towns and localities, stories about famous people in Germany, poems, tongue twisters, puzzles, and much more. Each article is equipped with a small glossary to explain difficult words and phrases.
Der "Weg" provides you with information about the most important aspects of life and helps to better understand our world.
Der "Weg" absolutely free. Everyone who turns in a publishing house, will be able to get your copy.
From January 2003 der "Weg" is available in color.

Der "kleine Weg" - a magazine for beginners, is published every six months. He is also a free edition.
(Der "kleine Weg" - Eine Zeitschrift in einfachem Deutsch)


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Re: Der kleine Weg ( die Zeitschrift fur Deutschlernende)

Postby linguoboy » Tue 17 May 2011 3:51 pm

Why hasn't this repeat spammer been banned already?

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