is anyone fluent in eyak?

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is anyone fluent in eyak?

Postby vincan » Tue 04 Jan 2011 8:28 am


aan,xuu q'a'l

I think I am the last person who can speak eyak fluently.

Awa'ahdah aanda laxsa a cht!

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Re: is anyone fluent in eyak?

Postby i9113n » Thu 06 Jan 2011 3:40 pm

Wikipedia says that Eyak is extinct... :?
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Re: is anyone fluent in eyak?

Postby vincan » Thu 06 Jan 2011 7:31 pm

Gam uu eyaak uu dang laangang. Uu lingh'h hinuu Udach' Kuqax*a'a'ch xa'q'q dang Gaa yáalaast gúust uu díi k'wáalaagang. Díi náan díik istgán.


the eyak language is not extinct. although the last native speaker died (named marie smith Jones) I still speak it fluently and would like to pass my knowledge on.

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Re: is anyone fluent in eyak?

Postby dtp883 » Fri 07 Jan 2011 6:25 am

I know it's stringent, but I believe one would call a language that has no native speakers, but learned speakers, a dead language, like Latin. Actually, it's probably considered dead with one native speaker, since it is no longer used for communication. Someone with a degree might want to clarify.

As far as you know, are you the last learned speaker?
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Re: is anyone fluent in eyak?

Postby gnunix » Fri 07 Jan 2011 8:17 am

As he mentioned in the "Extinct Languages"-Thread, there are a few others.
try learning eyak... only one person was fluent in 2008 but with her help 4 people including me have learned the basics of eyak. Google Dr. krauss

Bui I don't know if these people are fluent or just know the basics.
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Re: is anyone fluent in eyak?

Postby vincan » Thu 27 Jan 2011 7:28 pm

Dr krauss is.

Independent adjective Verb stem
‘long’ k’u-’a:w -’a/ ‘sg. extends’
‘short’ ya:-dik’ -dik’
‘thick’ k’u-chahsh -cha’sh
‘broad, wide’ k’u-wAX -wAX
‘narrow, thin’ ya:-tsidz-g -tsidz-g
‘very narrow, thin’ ya:-djidj-g -djidj-g
‘big’ k’u-’lAw -’li/ ‘be too big’
‘little’ ya:-kuts’-g -kuts’-g
‘very little, tiny’ ya:-gut’-g -gut’g
‘many, much’ k’u-t’u’ -t’u’
‘few, not much’ ya:-luhd-g -lu’d-g
‘good’ k’u-dzu: -dzu’ ‘improve; annoy’
‘bad’ k’u-shiyah ~ -shah ~ -sha:- -sha/ ‘stingy’

hello (1 person) iishuh
hello (2or more people) laXiishuh
reply (1 person) aan xuu q'a'l
reply ( 2 or more people) aan GayaG q'a'l
how are you? K'eet iit'eh?
reply K'udzuu xiłeh
I am dancing i-x-gah
thankyou ( person leaving) aw'adah
thankyou (person staying) Awa'ahdahaanda'laxsa'a'ch'i
xkiinx — I'm crying
yikiinx — you're (sg) crying
kiix — it's crying, he/she's crying (if named)
kiinxinh — he/she's crying
daa kiix — we're crying
laxkiinx — you (pl) are crying
kiinx / qakiinx — they're crying (including human, if named)
kiinxinuu / qakiinxinuu — they (human) are crying
k'ukiinx — someone/something is crying
yikiinxsh — are you (sg) crying?
dik' xkiinxq — I'm not crying
qu'xkiinx — I'm gonna cry
qu'yikiinxsh — are you (sg) gonna cry?
daa qa'kiinx — we're gonna cry
dik'sh qu'laxkiinxq — aren't you (pl) gonna cry?
ya'xuu qu'yikiinx — don't (sg) cry!
ya'xuu daa qa'kiinx — let's not cry!
sikiinxł — I cried
dik' axskiinxłq — I didn't cry
sakiinxł — you cried, he/she cried
dik' askiinxłq — you, he/she didn't cry
daa sakiinxł — we cried
dik' daa askiinxłq — we didn't cry
qasakiinxłinuu — they (people) cried
dik' qaskiinxłGinuu — they won't cry
k'uqa'kiinx — someone/someting will cry
dik' k'uqa'kiinxq — nobody/nothing will cry
k'usakiinxł — someone/something cried
dik' k'uskiinxłq — no one/nothing cried
Gakiinx — cry!
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Re: is anyone fluent in eyak?

Postby Eden » Wed 28 Mar 2012 3:53 am

If you'd like to pass your knowledge on then maybe you could point me to a text or reference grammar on the language because your chart is difficult to read (for me at least). It seems interesting and I'd like to know at least the basics of this language.
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