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Dear Slavic Friend,
(please be so kind and forward this information to Your colleagues)

You are warmly invited to participate at the opened one-week course CZ-2011-073-001 on Experiential Learning of Status Skills in Prague, 15-21 August 2011.This is an E.U. course in the educational section Comenius - Grundtvig Training.

Course participant improve own skills and readiness to collect information about processes and intercultural differences between home country and selected Slavic country. They will prepare e-learning web content for own courses in training of status skills. Understanding of verbal skills will be trained in new artificial language in environment of cultural visits of the UNESCO-protected towns Prague and Kutna Hora.Written communication will be trained in open source software Joomla. Sample texts in novosloviensky language will be in booklet of exercises. Pictures of nonverbal expressions of human body and pragma-linguistic approaches will be used to explain both words and grammar. Vocabulary will be built by each members of the group in own language. Participant will be requested to elaborate specific wordingfor his or her own language and culture. This procedure is called"flavorisation". It enables to use known words from other Slavic languages. Babel Tower experiential learning technique will be organised.

Deadline for registration:
January 14, 2011

Detailed information about the course: ... &cid=26829

Detailed instruction for course participants: ... ing-EN.doc

Textual and video information about the Neoslavic language:

with very kind regards
Zdenek Linhart and Vojtech Merunka

i ještie novoslovienski:


1) Napišijte nam na adresu, Vaše ime i domašnij adres.

2) My Vam pošleme "confirmation letter".

3) S našim "letter of acceptance" b'rzo posetijte Vašu regionalnu agenturu i priglasijte sebe na grant: "CZ-2011-073-001 Experiential learning of Status Skills". Tu sut kontakti na Vaši regionalni agentury: ... 208_en.htm (jest tamo takože H'rvatska obače ne jest ještie členom E.U.)

4) Vaša agentura Vam daje:
a) 100% financie za Vaš transport ot Vas k nam i povratno,
b) 80% ceny ot "course fee" (to jest 600 Eur iz 750 Eur) i
c) dotaciu 700 Eur na 7 dnov u nas (žitie, jadenie, lokalnij transport, itd.).

Ostalnih 20% ceny ot "course fee" (to jest ovih 150 Eur) možetezaplatiti iz svojih 700 Eur dotacie, zatože cena žitia jednego človieka v univerzitnem kampusu na jedin den jest samo 20 Eur.


Samo to jest veliko važne, že ako li budete d'lge vreme čakati, fond E.U. vašej d'ržavy nebude imati Eura za Vaš kurz. Pomnijte, že imajeme finančnu kriziu.


Vojtech i Zdenek
Vojtieh, the conlanger
Neoslavonic language, Slavic conlangs,
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