Arabic Alphabet Options for Learners

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Arabic Alphabet Options for Learners

Postby qadadah66 » Tue 18 Jul 2017 2:16 am

I like to talk about what I found as the most effective way for people to quickly and effectively learn the arabic alphabet. And the answer would vary from person to person. For example, if you have enough money and willing to put in $200 a month for 5 or so lessons or not. Some people do not have money to spend and want free lessons only and the question is; can you learn for free? Well, I will answer and try to guide people on this topic. As for taking a paid course I can't really say who is a good course because I never tried any. Some I know of are Araybia Studio and I heard from someone I know that it is good but I never tried them. I think they offer 3 or 7 days free trial so you will have to try them and see for yourself. And price is about average compared all other live courses online.

In some countries like the UK many mosques and islamic centers have arabic classes and Tajweed classes so that could also be another option for people and prices would likely be the same as online live lessons.

Other paid options included self taught books but based on my own experience that was not a real effective way to learn but I have seen some programs sold on amazon they has 4/5 stars which maybe a better option then self taught books.

Another paid option is prerecorded video lessons such as provided by Arabicpod101 and again I never tried it myself but they have a 3 or 7 day free trial so you would have to try it and see what you think.

Free options that I know of are the following: a arabic alphabet course provided in the free diploma section at Islamic Online University and I tried that course there and that was the first course I ever took and even though the book and structure of the course is good they used to provide the course as audio only which makes it nearly impossible to learn properly you can get a good understanding even that way but being only audio makes it very hard to learn but maybe now the have a video course.

I have seen that the website called Alison has a arabic language course but I am not sure if it's a arabic alphabet reading course. So you can check that and see if they have that.

And lastly my free YouTube course, I made based on the course I studied at the Islamic University that is online while I was studying my BA degree in islamic studies and that course is the same that is provided at IOU and even the same Instructor Bilal Philips, and the same book called Arabic reading and writing made Easy. I was able to study free because I got a scholarship but due to cancer symptoms that I had so I had to stop but I completed the arabic course with a 90% average and as soon as I started I knew I must teach this and provide it for a cheaper price and I did just that while I was still studying the course I already started creating videos and prepared the lessons. And now they are all free on YouTube:

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