Ikea cabinet

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Ikea cabinet

Postby Elijah » Thu 09 Feb 2012 5:52 pm

When we got our Ikea work-surface for our remodeled kitchen and we were putting it together, the directions said something like "The wood surface is subject to fluctuations in temperature and humidity", only "fluctuations" was missing the L. "Functioning" was missing the first N as well; these were both, by chance, in the same paragraph.
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Re: Ikea cabinet

Postby Tikolm » Mon 09 Jul 2012 9:46 pm

Ro loago. Li, zo ciksel >fluctuations< os >functioning< cikseled xuz-ul lōlost? Ro lō. Zal wōk xōs si sōzot. Tlo so zaled cwa? Zo ciksel xuz zo takrielel-mi via. Co god-uxiem si yuklo.

(Sorry, I couldn't have said that in English.)

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