Tifinagh font links

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Tifinagh font links

Postby Mark Mandel » Fri 08 May 2009 5:53 pm

On http://www.omniglot.com/writing/tifinagh.htm, you list

Free Tifinagh fonts

The first URL is 404.

The second leads to a page listing

* the TrueType fonts Afus Deg Wfus 1 and 2, which are non-Unicode: they
map Tifinagh to one byte.
* downloads for Latin and Tifinagh fonts designed by Arezki Bouzefrane.
* The page link on "polices", http://www.lisi.ensma.fr/ftp/misc/fontes/,
is 404.
* The download link on télécharger,
http://www.mondeberbere.com/langue/fontes.zip, is live, but WinZip Pro says
the file can't be opened.
* The "Caractères tifinagh en usage au Maroc" is a graphic.
* And the Tamazgha site, http://www.tamurt-imazighen.com/tamazgha/, has
been cybersquatted by a self-publishing site.
Mark Mandel

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