alderney french sentances

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alderney french sentances

Postby vincan » Sat 08 Oct 2011 4:43 pm

quai j'orin eust pyerchi la laonge poir aurgny au'ct'teau bi gute maeus au'ct'teau le laonge poir aurgny 'eust mort

what I like is to speak the language of alderney now very much but now the language of alderney is dead

je ne faou gute ri

I am not doing anything much

J'a'rvaeune l'aurgny

I come to alderney

wa, 'eust vreu

yes it is true

wa ablon merchi

yes thank you

tu foueu


je s'is biau

I am well

pouortchié faou

je n'orin gute pyerchi francois

I do not like to speak french

tu mainge le cabouche

you eat cabbage

j'oubque enne parquie j'oubque, je ne peue gute pyerchie l'aoeur'gnaieux bi biau

I forget and because I forget I can not speak alderney french very well

ch'eûst pouortchie

that's why

prêchyi daouns la vialle laoungue

to speak in the old language



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