Contents inlining needed:Sinhala page more "Devanagari"-like

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Contents inlining needed:Sinhala page more "Devanagari"-like

Postby booBot » Wed 21 Oct 2009 1:05 pm

First and foremost - huge THANK YOU! to creators of this fine site!

Using you site I was able to successfully learn the Sinhala writing system, now I'm preparing myself for a Nepal trip - I'm studying Devanagari.

I think that the Devanagari page could|should be used as a reference for all Brahmi-descendant writing systems.

1) Sinhala page should mention the "virama" (the "hal kirima" in Sinhala)
2) an example of virama usage should be there (there are two different ways to mark a virama depending on the syllable glyph shape)
3) the diacritical marks could be shown in color

Once again - THANK YOU very much for the "Omniglot" site!

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