Useful phrases in Nepal Bhasa/Newari

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Useful phrases in Nepal Bhasa/Newari

Postby Krozan kapali » Sat 08 Feb 2014 11:53 am

English नेपालभास/नेपालभाषा

Welcome लसकुस
Hello ज्वजलपा
How are you? म्हं फु ला?
I'm fine, thanks. And you? जितः ला म्हं फु, छन्तः ले?
Long time no see गुल्लि दत मखङ्गु।
What's your name? छिगू नां छु?
My name is ... जिगू नां ... खः।
Where are you from? छि गनं खः?
I'm from ... जि... नं खः।
Pleased to meet you छितः नापलानां लय्‌ताल (please remember that in this phrase the word लय्‌ताल can't be written as लय्ताल)
Good morning भिं सुथ
Good day भिं न्हि
Good night भिं चा
Good luck भिंतुना
Have a nice day दिं बां लायेमा।
I don't understand जिं मथुल
Please speak more slowly भतिचा बुलुहुँ नुहंवानादिसँ।
Please say that again हाकनं धयादिसँ।
Please write it down कृपया च्वयादिसँ ।
Do you speak Nepalbhasa? छितः नेपालभास न्वंवाये वः ला?
Yes, a bit भतिचा वः।
How do you say ... in Nepalbhasa? छिसं ... यातः नेपालभासय् छु धयादी?
How much is this? थुकय्‌या गुलि? (please remember that in this phrase the word थुकय्‌या can't be written as थुकय्या)
Excuse me/Sorry छ्यमा यानादिसँ
Thank you सुभाय्
Where's the toilet? खिखांमुगः गन दु?
This gentleman/lady will pay for everything वय्‌कलं द्यबा पुलादी। (please remember that in this phrase the word वय्‌कलं can't be written as वय्कलं)
Would you like to dance with me? जि नापं प्याखं ल्हुइ मंदु?
I love you जितः छ नापं मतिना दु।
Get well soon याकनं लनेमा।
Leave me alone! जितः याकःचा त्वःताबिउ।
Help! ग्वहालि!
Fire! मिँ!
Stop! आसे
Call the police! पुलिस सःतादिसँ।
Merry Christmas भिं ख्रिस्मस
Happy New Year न्हू दँया भिंतुना
Happy Birthday बुदिंया भिंतुना/जर्मनिंया भिंतुना
One language is never enough छगू भाय् जक्क गुबलें गाइ मखु।

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