A short story in Ainu

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A short story in Ainu

Postby Täzari » Wed 30 Jul 2014 6:39 pm

I decided to upload a short story I have translated into Ainu some time ago... I hope this will raise someone's interest, I'm always happy to receive feedbacks!

Sine an kotan ta retar pon seta an ruwe ne. Nea seta anak kam e hi sonno eramasu p ne wa, sine an to ta, kam eiyok kur mise sa peka apkas kor, oro ta, san ka ta kam serkehe an ruwe nukar. Yayitupareno ne kam serkehe eikka easkay kusu, “Kam a=e kusu pettomotuye=an wa nusimne uske un arpa=an yak pirka na!” sekor yaynu ruwe ne. Petparur otta sirepa hi ta, pettomotuye kusu pirka uske hunara kor an ruwe ne. Pet tum kosirepa kor, kanpe otta kor katpo nukar korka, tane pakno kor katpo nukar eramiskari kusu, iyotta poro kam serkehe ekupa mosma seta ne kuni ramu ruwe ne. Hi ne kusu, pon seta anak ne poro kam serkehe eikka rusuy wa paroho maka akusu, maka wa inkar kor, kor katpo ne siri eramuan ruwe ne. Inunukaski kor, paroho ta kor wa an kam serkehe anak pet otta turse wa moman wa isam ruwe ne.

In one village lived a little white dog. That dog really liked to eat meat indeed and, one day, when he walked in front of the shop of a butcher, there, he saw there was a piece of meat on a shelf. Because he was able to steal carefully that piece of meat, he thought: "I'd better go to a quiet place crossing the river to eat the meat!" When he reached the river bank, he was looking for a good place to cross the river. When he got in the middle of the river, on the surface he saw his image but, since until then he hadn't ever seen his reflection, he thought it should be another dog carrying a bigger piece of meat. So the little dog wanted to steal that big piece of meat and when he opened his mouth, when he tried to open it, he realized that it was his reflection. Sadly the piece of meat he carried in his mouth fell in the river and floated away.
Ræhaktæśede enśké är hvå debbéś lit kæbbtera.

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