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Re: Egyptian

Postby Monox D. I-Fly » Mon 07 Nov 2016 3:41 am

Sobekhotep wrote:Well, it's all about the suffixes. Take the verb <書く> (kaku), which means "to write". There are several inflections:
-<書きます> (kakimasu) formal, nonpast, affirmative
-<書きません> (kakimasen) formal, nonpast, negative
-<書きました> (kakimashita) formal, past, affirmative
-<書きませんでした> (kakimasendeshita) formal, past, negative
-<書きましょう> (kakimashou) formal, volitional/propositive
-<書かない> (kakanai) informal, nonpast, negative
-<書く> (kaku) informal, nonpast, affirmative; also known as "dictionary form"; also could be considered infinitive
-<書けば> (kakeba) conditional
-<書こう> (kakou) informal, volitional/propositive
-<書いて> (kaite) used in compound verbs
-<書いた> (kaita) informal, past, negative

Btw, how to say "must write" in Japanese?

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