Feedback on Phonology

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Feedback on Phonology

Postby scottrupe_1 » Sat 11 Jul 2009 5:15 pm

I need some feed back on some of my current work. Sorry about the vowel system, you need to hear it to understand it.:

Unnamed Phonology for an (as yet) Unnamed Language

There are two types of vowels, base and derivative vowels. Bases and derivatives counted together make the 25 vowel sounds. The International Phonetic Alphabet cannot effectively convey the differences, or even some of the sounds, of and between bases and derivatives; therefore, I do not use the IPA for vowels.

a: ä, ã, â, á, à
e: ë, ẽ, ê, é, è
i: ï, ĩ, î, í, ì
o: ö, õ, ô, ó, ò
u: ü, ũ, û, ú, ù

Derivative Vowels:
Derivative vowels are difficult to transliterate into IPA because they are not normal diacritics and are not tones, they can only be learned from recordings, and I haven’t yet recorded any. Derivatives occur more often than bases because they are treated as their own separate letter; therefore, there are five derivatives to one base.

Base First Mutation Second Mutation Third Mutation Stressed Diminished
A, a ä ã â á à
E, e ë ẽ ê é è
I, i ï ĩ î í ì
O, o ö õ ô ó ò
U, u ü ũ û ú ù

Diminished vowels cannot occur after another vowel of the same base, but must always be followed by another vowel.
i.e. ìẽ is possible while ìî is not.

Consonants are much the same as English, those that are not have an IPA transliteration next to them between [ ]‘s.

b as in boy
č [ʧ] as in chat
d as in dog
ð as in that
g as in God
h as in hat
j as in jam
ĵ [ʒ] as in pleasure
k as in cat
ķ [χ] as in loch
l as in lick
m as in mat
n as in net
ŋ [ŋ] as in wing
p as in pork
r as in ram
s as in Sam
š [ʃ] as in shack
t as in tick
θ as in thumb
v as in very
w as in water
z as in zebra
ʔ [ʔ] as in (Cockney) boʔle (bottle)

The following is a sample sentence:
šìé dã Seʔû, ðö ŋìã. [Son of Se'u, the kinh]
Is more or less pronounced
ʃyay dan Seʔooe ŋya

for better written example download the file @

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Re: Feedback on Phonology

Postby DmitryS » Sun 28 Mar 2010 9:03 pm

What is your work, actually about?
I haven't got the point...
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Re: Feedback on Phonology

Postby Tikolm » Thu 14 Jun 2012 12:19 am

Hard to say. It sounds like your tildaed vowels are nasal, which can definitely be transcribed in the IPA. "Stressed" and "diminished" also sound like they could be transcribed, if you're talking about regular stress here (which you may not be).
I'm not really a fan of ŋ for orthographies because I think it belongs in the IPA, so I'd suggest using <ng> instead. But that's just me - you may have a perfectly good reason for using ŋ.

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