The "Tower of Babel" in your conlang

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Re: The "Tower of Babel" in your conlang

Postby choc_pud » Fri 24 Jan 2014 8:21 pm

Oh, I would say it is still active, though you're right in that not many people seem to be using it nowadays!

I'm guessing that Czuimese is a Romance Conlang? The massive SENIOR staring one in the face is a dead giveaway! :D It looks great; how far with it have you got?

The only conlang of mine which I've translated the Babel Passage into is 'Fenlian' (or 'Fenx'), a Celtic language spoken on the eastern British island of Fenley. It looks like this:

Tgenghesiss 11. 1-9:

1 Ornth nga cghameghas 'efghebh tgang dann ricc bhrorchlh, ornth dann bhigharach.
2 Ornth cumann bha careyghar, afash thing bha co cghbhay nga dh-icghshe; thing bha ess dann dofotg eeng'a rill fern Ciania, onrth 'arrash bha common thing.
3 Onrth 'ing bha ngabh eeng atgeghass “Co, dh-ornth uurh hacca brichabha uchige, ornth 'eghen phrorghrorbghech uchige”. Ornth 'ing bha bhrorchlh carregg brichabha, ornth guuregg thing bha bhrorchlh ngach morttach.
4 Ornth 'ing bha ngabh “Co, dh-ornth uurh fhacca dann carriph uchige, ornth dann cghofecghsh, ornth nga fite fhacca estabbach eeng 'a Cencghsheghasrill. Ornth uurh fhacca dann fern uchige, tharunge efe uurh tgef bha dh-uce abufe nga cghameghas 'efghebh.
5 Ornth Cencghsheghas bha lheme iln nga bha dh-ess nga carriph ornth nga carregg essar nga fheollanbha rhra elrhabha bha uchige.
6 Ornth Cencghsheghas bha ngabh “Biolng, nga bheyghillog tgef dann, ornth 'ing bhrorchlh belelh dann bhigharach, ornth dharrhfé thing thabh careyghar. Ornth deghamuun cumunnlogh aguss fran tgef yengha tharunge theghen, essar thing aguss phacara careyghar.
7 Co, dh-uurh fhacca dh-iln tharrash co, ornth tharrash uurh fhacca thingang bhigharach yengha uchige, soe thing can logh aguss daeghabh atgeghass ngabh”.
8 Soe Cencghsheghas bha dh-uce theghen cghbhay tharrash abufe nga cghameghas 'efghebh, ornth 'ing bha thabh nga carriph logh uchige.
9 Ornth soe nga fern rhra pogeghaghce tgef Babéghl, enghethe tharrash Cencghsheghas bha tume nga bhigharachbha rhra nga cghameghas 'efghebh, ornth cghbhay tharrash Cencghsheghas bha dh-uce abufe nga cghameghas 'efghebh.

I wouldn't claim it as being perfect or even that good; I invented the language some years ago and have not done anything with it recently at all.

How come you spell Czuimese with brackets around the z?
Æȝ æm ƿonderyng ƿot ȝū þync of ðys raðr yntrestyng ƿeȝ of ræȝtyng Ynglysc æȝ hæf cum up ƿið; æȝ æm ƿontyng tu hȳr ȝūr coments on ðe mætr, yff ȝū ƿyl?
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Re: The "Tower of Babel" in your conlang

Postby xadrezo » Fri 24 Jan 2014 8:47 pm

Yes, Czuimese is indeed a romlang; it's a language I made about five years ago when I tried to comprehend how portuguese works.

The result was a language with a phonology copied from Portuguese (I modified it a bit), broken latin grammar (mainly the cases which I forgot to mark on some words like lia tore which should be lia torem) and a mix of deformed portuguese maltese and a priori vocabulary. I reformed it approximately a million times or so to make it more "natural" and "romance". Nonetheless I'm proud of it.
I have a spreadsheet where all the words and the grammar is stored, it says there are 1150 words, which is misleading because the irregular past participles have a seperate entry as well. (by the way, every verb has a irregular past participle, there are regular variants, but I don't use them so often). I tried to make poetry in Czuimese but I'm a terrible poet. But I try.


quote: "How come you spell Czuimese with brackets around the z?"
It's due to inconsistent transliteration/replacement for ç. It's either c, zz or cz. I like cz the most.

What I like about Fenlian is the consonant clusters which (I guess) are mostly silent, like onrth or bhrorchlh. It reminds me of Scottish, but I'm not a expert.

(I think I write too much)
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