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Postby Täzari » Sun 11 May 2014 2:48 pm

choc_pud wrote:Land of snow, ey? Sounds like rather a chilly place! Northland is, obviously, in the north, somewhere in the far north of Europe. I've actually not done much more with it since a few months ago, but I shall let you know if I do. I was finding it rather too similar to English and Dutch, in my opinion. :)

Yes please let me know! I will be very happy... By the way, I don't think that being similar to other languages makes your Northlandic less interesting. Actually it can be fun to speculate on how a new Nordic language could develop out of the already existing ones!

Bilśælükot bitæ! - Keep up the good work! =)
Ræhaktæśede enśké är hvå debbéś lit kæbbtera.

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