The Breti language

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The Breti language

Postby Alisbet » Wed 21 Dec 2011 1:46 pm

The Breti language (farang au Breti) is a language spoken by the Breti civilisation in the planet known as Colony A1 when it was first found by humans. The Bretis therefore live alongside other such civilisations as ceorzas and the Ku'mori. The Bretis resemble various mustelids like weasels and stoats. The Bretis don't have a tail since they are normally cut at an early age, a tradition introduced by king Kasunga Re. rashumbi (12.). The ceorzas also adopted this tradition. Only the Ku'mori still keeps their tails to this day.


Sheylah qu'shram: A formal greeting used when meeting someone, literally means 'peace to you'.

Qu'lasi soru: Used when wishing good luck.

Pare solna: good morning

Pare davasta: good day

Pare ma'kusi: good evening

Pare oesi: good night

Kashrabi noel sufa nei i'taru How much is this?


The Breti language uses a common SVO word order although during the time of the kings, the form of the language using OSV order was commonplace.


The Bretis traditionally use a base-12 number system. The numbers 1-11 are all derived from an animal the Bretis regard as important. The numerals derive from the native Breti word for that animal with the addition of the suffix -i. The numeral 12 is the word the Breti's use to refer to their planet, again with the addition of the -i suffix. Numbers higher than twelve are marked as 12 followed by the word kra (to) and the relevant number. Thus 13 is marked as 12-to-1. When you reach 23, the 12 is changed to 13 (12 wasi (and) 1) and the process repeats itself. Thus 24 is marked as 12-and-1-to-2. Hundreds adds an extra digit, known as the place number and is placed after the main digit with the addition of the word sive (with). Thus for example the number 103 is marked as 12-to-1-with-1 and 205 is 12-and-1-to-3-with-2. Thousands have 2 place numbers and so on. This system might look complex but with enough practise, you will get the hang of it. The Bretis don't use the number zero but when it's presence needs to be conveyed, the word jaib (nothing) is used. Nowadays many Bretis have started using the decimal system which also includes the number zero and the numbers are pronounced one at a time. For example, the number 2312 is pronounced as firokai-kampasarei-makasevi-firokai.


0: jiab (nothing)

1: makasevi

2: firokai

3: kampasarei

4: ashawei

5: irazemai

6: panerai

7: aigelei

8: salamei

9: tarsamai

10: levani

11: jarati

12: rashumbi
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Re: The Breti language

Postby Tikolm » Wed 13 Jun 2012 12:30 pm

I like it. However, I find it hard to believe that a non-human civilization would invent or willingly submit to such a "tradition" as tail docking or amputation, much less adopt it from another culture. The Breti and ceorzas would have to want their tails (or children's tails) docked, or else the Breti king is something of a dictator and all his followers agreed with him. What I'm trying to say is that I don't believe any species other than humans would come up with this kind of "tradition". You might want to think about this a little more before you decide you've invented two or more races of animals who seem to want their I'm sure perfectly good tails cut off. Also, if tail docking is being practiced it's not accurate to say the Breti "have no tails". That's like saying cocker spaniels who have had their tails docked "have short tails". It's just not true. They have long tails, but you'd never know. It's sad, IMHO.
Sorry for the rant. I feel strongly about unnecessary surgery, even in imaginary animals. I hope no one else finds that this seemingly small aspect of your conculture overshadows the other more delightful ones.
Edit: And what about painkillers? Won't you be needing those?

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