secound better colang part 3 of 7

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secound better colang part 3 of 7

Postby vincan » Tue 20 Dec 2011 4:59 pm


dheo good
ndheo bad
ndhyak poor
dhyak rich
ndhil old
dhil new
ndhyek dull
dhyek bright
ndhe'ak ugly
dhe'ak beautiful
ndhshek hard
dhshek soft/easy
adhole high
nadhole low
e'dhyle quick
ne'dhyle slow
yole loud
nyole quiet
a'adheu light/day
na'adheu dark/night


shai? how?
so'sk? why?
shak? what?
shen'a? when?
shedha? where?
shuo? which?
leth? who?

first phrase

Sa'kye'thuk shai ndhil?
You are how old?

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