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scai language

Postby vincan » Sun 08 May 2011 8:04 am

I decided to make my 4th colang and I came up with scai.

Syae (Alphabet) : a,e,i,k,m,o,s,a,y,r
as you can see, It hardly has any consonants therefore it is hard to pronunce. it is a simple colang

verbs: ALL verbs are made out of 2 vowels and one consonant

Iso to be uma to have
Iao I am aua I have
iyo You are uya you have
iii it is uuu it has
iuo he is uau he has
ioi (name) is uoa (name) is
ioi we are uia we are
oio you are (plural) uea you are (plural)

oir say all names then attach oir at the end of persons name

The lords prayer in scai
ioi mua,
iu ea kai aksa,
oyos eaak,
kk cauaik,
ek ee iuy aee,
iee muai,
sekei ioi kaus,
esuosskei kuai i
aiu, yia
verbs are not yet completed please post more verbs in thankyou!

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Re: scai language

Postby LackOfFuel » Sun 08 May 2011 11:32 am

How should one pronounce "kk" or "uuu" or "iii"?
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Re: scai language

Postby vincan » Mon 09 May 2011 6:51 am

"kk" is actually a click at the back of your throat
"iii" simply say short i 3 times
uuu is pronunced say long u they french e (euh) then long u again

More verbs: eko to help osa to love amy to make
eao oaa aya
eyo oya ayy
eoe oea aey
euo ooa auy
oeo oia aiy
eio aoy

akmoe good
akma bad
eirm tall
sykau old
kaus sin

Question can I use accents over letters to merely tell the difference between verb endings?

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Re: scai language

Postby Emma » Thu 26 May 2011 6:22 am

Your language kinda reminds me of Afrikaans. :D

Question can I use accents over letters to merely tell the difference between verb endings?

I think you can, yea. :P

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Re: scai language

Postby Vilņa » Thu 26 May 2011 7:34 pm

Ahh, the alphabet is even shorter than the Hawai'ian alphabet!
I like the verb system. Check out my conlang, in a recent topic titled "Værí"
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Re: scai language

Postby vincan » Sat 18 Jun 2011 8:04 am

Past (eye looks down)
Present (eye looks at the person)
Future (eye looks up)

scai is written in cuniform in some letters

< marks the beginning of text
/ is the letter a
y is a three quarters moon
a rectangualar empty box indicates a space
a rectangualar filled box is a full stop.

It also has a few signs to indicate who you are talking to/about

How to say I, You He She etc...

I (lay a hand on your chest)
You (point to the person you are talking to)
He (three fingers on your biceps)
She (three fingers on your hair)
We (2 hands on chest)
You (point with two fingers at the person)
They masc. (grip biceps
They fem. (tug hair lightly)

Dark is aeye add ae
Medium is aueu add au
Light is eaye add ye
Shiny is syeas add syes
Blue is aesa
Red is uase
Yellow is light + red yeuase add yeus
Green (blue + yellow) aesay euasea
Purple (blue + red) aesauasea
Black same as dark
Grey (dark plus medium) aeaua
Silver (shiny + grey) syesaeaua
Gold (shiny + yellow) syesyeus
Brown (yellow add dark) yeusaea


Sad sayuy
Happy ysea
Excited suaayeu
Worried yeysu
Calm auesa
Angry ayuyeus
Embarrased yusyea
Confused eyuse


Yeyse big
Syaeysy little
Eaes long
Suye short
Yueuua fat
Sesa thin
Ysusasye colourful

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Re: scai language

Postby vincan » Sat 18 Jun 2011 8:31 am

The history of scai!

Scai was spoken 4000 years ago by upper wielders and lower wielders (known as uaeas and ueaeo at the time.) It has just 4 or 5 letters in the alphabet. The conditional tense is determined by the pitch of voice and where the speaker looks. Lower weilders tend to call scai Yaea, which means "good people"


Yaea tends to use more sign language than scai, and is older than scai as well.


Alphabet: e,y,a
verbs(not completed) :
Eya to like
Yae to dislike
Yea to hate
Eay to live
Aey to be
Aye to eat
Yay to drink
Yey to go

some verbs in english like to sew have no translation into Yaea because the lowere weilders have never seen or done sewing.

How to say I, You He She etc... (old Yaea)

Ae I
Ea you
Ya she
Ye he
Ey it
Ayy we
Eyy you
Yeaa they

White show teeth
Black open mouth
Red stick tongue out
Blue o click noise
Shiny screw eyes up
Yellow i click noise

Eaye 0
aeay 1
Ayey 2
Eyae 3
Eyay 4 or more

tenses, adjectives, colors and structure are the same. most nouns are signed.

I am in progress of making saeka (same family

so far:

Alphabet : e,y,a,u,s,k and w
verbs: aks,awk,ukw,aws,ews,akw and sku

Yaea, scai and saeka may be different but they all have some universal aspects

all have a mixture of signs and spoken words
all have the same tense system
all have verbs no longer than 3 letters long
and all have short alphabets

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