Hulliga lesson 2

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Hulliga lesson 2

Postby shreypete » Sat 19 Feb 2011 3:24 am

The Hulliga alphabet consists of 38 letters (most sounds resemble those in English):
a (aw)
ą (aa like in father)
ä (ae; like in German) (also written as ax)
ả(like the Swedish å; or the sound of "oa" in roar, soar) (also written as az)
b (bey)
c (sey)
ĉ (chey) (also written as cx)
d (day)
đ (dhey)
e (eee; like the first e in Peter))
ë (uh)
f (ef)
g (gewt)
ġ (khewt; guttural sound like that of the Dutch "g" or the Arabic "gh") (also written as gz)
ġ (goa or gå/gả) (written also as gx)
h (ha)
i (eye like in bird)
ĵ (je - french je); zhe sound like in the word pleasure) (also written as jx)
k (ka)
kh (like the scottish "ch" in loch or the German/Czech "ch"; *note - this sound is less softer than the guttural "ġ")
l (el)
m (emma)
n (enna; like the swedish n with the tongue being placed on the frontal part of the soft palate)
o (o)
ö (german ö; oe or even the Hulliga ë sound but much longer) ) (also written as ox)
p (pe)
q (ku)
ķ (qÜ) (also written as kx)
r (er)
s (es)
ŝ (shey; also written as sx)
t (tey)
ð (they) (also written as tx)
u (oo short)
ü (eww; similar to german Ü) (also written as ux)
v (vey)
ý (eej; like the dutch "ij" or "eye") (also written as yx)
z (zeta)
ź (gee) (also written as zx)

Pronunciation exercises:
1) Müller-ðürgäu (a brand of white wine)
2) Sektảr (sector)
3) Emeġrantë (immigrant)
4) Ġoedë din! (good day)
5) Bokhlý (hungry)
6) ðondër (thunder)
7) Manerrekhtsġestfërvönë (constitution; literally men (manner) + rights (recht) + s (combiner) + protection (ġestfërvön)

So, so far easy I hope?

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