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J'Linguonar Avan

Postby Drew1228 » Sun 29 Nov 2009 6:18 pm

This conlang is the newest version of J’linguoneir Avan. J'Linguonar Avan is still a work in progress, but I'd like some feedback as to its progress so far.

J'Linguonar Avan is based heavily on English words, with Spanish and French words mixed in. The alphabet is pronounced like English, but J is pronounced like J in French and all A's are ah.

Sentences are formed with a phrase that states the subject (I, you, he, she, we, it, they, word), the tense, and the part of speech. Following that is a word in the part of speech. For example, "Tasar dorman" means "We (feminine) be (present tense) tired" or "We (feminine) are tired."

The subject-tense-POS phrase's part of speech always ends in a suffix that says what part of speech it is. -ar is an adjective phrase, -er is a verb phrase, and -or is a noun phrase. Words end in -an (adjective), -en (verb), or -on (noun). A word that is an adjective, for example, can also be a verb or noun. "Dorman" (tired) can also be "dormen" (to sleep) and "dormon" (slumber).

Example Sentences:
Eera fabren j’dolaron = I will make the money
Horo d'peron y j’peronoro pellion rohan = He had a dog and the dog had red hair.
Ozoni acienor d'coroson dacien = Old eyes have a young heart.
Eor pellion brunan = I have brown hair.
Tueara coren aj’escuelon. = We will run to the school.

If this does not make sense or you would like more explanation or something, feel free to post.

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Re: J'Linguonar Avan

Postby Tikolm » Wed 02 Jan 2013 3:41 am

In case you're still here, 'pronounced like English' means pretty much nothing. There are so many different accents of it that you kind of have to specify which one you're thinking of (you probably mean some kind of American judging by your quoting conventions, but that's still not specific enough). Try this or this if you want anyone to get it.

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