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About my web sites

Postby JANKO GORENC » Wed 16 Dec 2009 1:41 pm


I would like to inform all in this forum, that I have very problems with editing in my web sites.
I couldn't to change by 14. 11 on:

http://sites.google.com/site/jankogoren ... _languages

I tryed inform about my changes on this message.

Today is change by 14.11:
More specific data about my collection
All languages (natlangs and conlangs), dialects and speeches with additional versions: 14070
64 new conlang and 3 additional versions.
on: http://sites.google.com/site/jankogoren ... _languages
new conlangs:
With mark “<” are signed languages which don’t have for base numbers 10 but they can have 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 (used binary, quinary etc. numbers systems).
With mark “*” are signed all languages which don’t have for base numbers between 1 and 10 but they can have (11, 12, 13, 16, 20, 30…). Numbers from followed languages I have saved in the special map.

Slevian, Neriskan, Avritha, Boselenan, Barbidon, Skmsyg, Kaite (1), Raum, Hasyt, API (1-5), Tenovian, Unu Tinqu, Hemdarumi, Baikalian, Culmærian, Elihi, Winlore, Dänolödasja Dvwhä (Language of the River People), Tauran, Birehesi Dirmimi, Bila'aja, Conlinguist's unnamed conlang, Kastâ, Vajardyio, Puåri, Tanatikos, Skritsni, Eraminian, Халбарзиниг(Harbarzing) *, Slovioski, Bajdżisz, Sharma, Esperitolan (know only number 1), Esperitolhan (1), Bakwatan (7), Secretos, Napo, Määda <, A Numeral Language (1-9), Budianish, HHāňheliubl' (Hāňheliubl' mešē), Satnim?a (Satnim?a lömi, The Horse People Language) <, Óhylvídós (1 – 8), Shtåså (1-8), Tmašare (1-8), Dænsk, Skinan, Valkimonesh (1), Êangluk, Sokraen (1-8), Proto-Indo-European (Conlang by Schleicher, 1), Proto-Indo-European (Conlang by Lehmann and Zgusta, 1), Proto-Indo-European (Conlang by Kortlandt, 1), Delang, Çerazi, Nin <, Kairusca's unnamed language, Alandoriz, Temélin.

VROOR , Geiwin.
I'll present also other people with send me numbers between 14.11 and today in next time.

If I had some changes on future I'll inform in this thread in future.

Thank you for your help!

I wish you a lot of success at your work!


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