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Re: Reluáz

Postby VROOR » Sun 29 Nov 2009 9:01 pm

Kloiten wrote:What I meant by the "unhappy" put in there is that some people dislike X-Sampa even if they know it. I personally would go for IPA as well since it seems to be more understandable, but seeing as I can't type it that easily (I do have a good website with IPA characters; I bet if I spent a lot of time I could persevere), I have to stay with X-Sampa until I find a better way to type IPA.

Thank you for the explain.

Kloiten wrote:For random reference, here is the IPA site: . It's surprisingly useful, and I recommend it. It is slightly cumbersome to use, though.

Thank you for the resource and recommendation.

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