secound better colang part 1 of 7

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secound better colang part 1 of 7

Postby vincan » Mon 19 Dec 2011 1:18 pm


a,dh,e,i,k,l,n,o,sh,t,th,u and y

(regular) sauaekuk to catch
sa'ake'k'uth I catch
sa'athe'k'uth you catch
sa'a'e'k'uth she/he/it catches
sa'akee'k'us we catch
sa'athee'k'us you catch
sa'a'e'ek'us they catch

(irregular) saueokuk to be

sa'eko'k'uth I am
sa'kye'thuk you are
sa'tho'tuk she/he/it is
sa'eko'k'us we are
sa'ethu'k'us you are
sa'ey'k'us they are

(irregular) saueukuk to do/make
sa'eku'k'uth I do/make
sa'ky'thuk you do/make
sa'thu'tuk she/he/it does/makes
sa'ethu'k'us we do/make
sa'etho'k'us you do/make
sa'eu'k'us they do/ make

more regular infinitives

sauoikuk to speak
sauiokuk to go
sauoukuk to get
saueukuk to have
sauyekuk to like
sauyokuk to shout
sauyikuk to move
sauyakuk to travel
sauyukuk to stay
sauaukek to listen
sauoikek to hear
sauiokek to see
sauoukek to see
saueukek to feel
sauiokik to think
saueakek to smell
sauoikik to want/wish
saueokik to say
sauoekik to help

next part deals with the tenses

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Re: secound better colang part 1 of 7

Postby Tikolm » Thu 14 Jun 2012 8:32 pm

How come all the verbs are so similar to each other? It there some sort of proto-verb they're all derived from? Whatever the explanation, I'd be very interested to hear it. :)

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