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Postby choc_pud » Sun 06 Apr 2014 8:43 pm

Hello chaps and chapesses! I know this is perhaps a tadge abstract, but bear with, I think it could be worthiful.

I've always been rather keen on Star Wars, and particularly on the species of sentient life known as the Togruta. They have a language known as Togruti, and I've been unable to find any info on it at all anywhere, besides a brief and vague mention on the "Wookiepædia".

So I decided to have a go myself, but I've come up with so many possible variants that I amn't sure how would best it be to proceed. Has anyone any suggestions?

The only information I have been able to find is from this link:

Please feel free to have a look and to comment with any ideas!

Æȝ æm ƿonderyng ƿot ȝū þync of ðys raðr yntrestyng ƿeȝ of ræȝtyng Ynglysc æȝ hæf cum up ƿið; æȝ æm ƿontyng tu hȳr ȝūr coments on ðe mætr, yff ȝū ƿyl?
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