A Very Short Story In Knašta

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A Very Short Story In Knašta

Postby iandun » Thu 28 Nov 2013 4:19 pm

I am working on a new constructed language called Knašta. I have made a very simple little story to get a sense for the appearance and sound of the language.

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Oní das, al ňos sen-mařkta el jo. És sé ňos jo-sen-b̌ensko, ǰinsk-vošní al kómniznítat? És joj iz-sen-b̌enska, ní, joj ní ǰin al komniznítat. Ní přópřosnés vošna ǵestékasin nůtilsa koma drast!

In English:

One day, a man walked up to me. And the man said to me, are you a communist? And I said to him, no, I am not a communist. Don't ask useless questions like that!


One day, a man (past)-walk to me. And the man me-(past)-say, are-you a communist? And I him-(past)-say, no, I no am a communist. No ask you questions useless like that!

I have made an MP3 recording of this tale, which can be download at: http://corstekistan.usr.sh/random/man-and-communist.mp3.
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