World Cup 2010 & Merlin BBC - Video-making advice anyone?

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World Cup 2010 & Merlin BBC - Video-making advice anyone?

Postby imbecilica » Sat 05 Dec 2009 1:57 pm


I got bored today and so thought I'd just have a go at making a quick video for each of those two topics. I'm planning on making more videos on YouTube in the near future and need your advice - how can I improve the quality of my videos? What do you like in a video? What to avoid?

A little 'Arthur/Merlin' video < I just thought they look rather cute together. :?
The 2010 FIFA World Cup - Final Draw
That really bad video I made about Omniglot

As you can see, I'm still a very very amateur video maker! Anyway, I am planning on making some language-related videos which I am looking forward to. Actually, I intend to create a mini-series called The History of Languages - where I discuss the history of certain languages. How does that sound? Of course I'd need a lot of help and research.
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