This month I will focusing mainly on Breton (Brezhoneg). I’ve been learning it, on and off, for a year now and can make some sense of written and spoken Breton, though my speaking and writing lag behind quite a bit. I have been using Le Breton sans Peine, which I’ve nearly finished, though I can’t say that I’ve internalised everything. This month I am working through Colloquial Breton. I want to try to improve my productive knowledge of the language, and will try to write something every day on my other blog, Multilingual Musings – I haven’t quite managed this yet as when writing Breton I have to look up most of the words and check the grammar. With practise my writing will become more fluent, I hope, and this will help with speaking, as I see this kind of writing as a way to practise using the language I would use in conversations. I would also like to learn a few Breton songs, and am open to suggestions.

Are any of you studying Breton? Are there any Breton speakers reading this blog?

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  1. aston says:


    i am french and leave in Paris, where there are a lot of bretons. In the capital, bretons have their historic neighborhood that is “Montparnasse”, in this area you can eat “crêpe” that are the typical bretons’ meal.
    Well let’s learn something in breton, for example we have a french actor that is named “samuel le bihan“. Bihan means small or “petit” in french, there is also a department that is called “MorBihan” that means “mor” = sea and “bihan”=small, it is the small sea of the bretons !!!
    But be very carefull of one thing, if you learn Breton it is very different than french !

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