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Language quiz

In which language might greet people in the morning by saying “ṣbah lkhīr” or in the afternoon or evening with “mselkhīr“? In this language common ways of saying goodbye include “lla yhennīk“, “lla y’uwn” and “thella fārṣek“. Another useful phrase in this language is: “bghiṭ nteferrezh walakīm mabghītsh ndekhul feha” (I’d like to watch but […]

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New Klingon dictionary

I heard today that a new Klingon dictionary is available for the iPhone and iPod, and will soon be available for Windows and Mac. It is an electronic version of the Klingon Dictionary and Conversational Klingon. There is also a phrase book for use by “Terrans” (Earthlings) planning a visit to the fictional world of […]

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I went down to Cornwall for my sister’s wedding a few days ago and heard some interesting English accents on the way. While waiting on Bristol station, for example, I heard some people talking in unfamiliar accents that might have been Bristolian. At first I wasn’t sure what language they were speaking – it certainly […]

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Language quiz

Here’s a recording of part of a story in a mystery language. Do you know or can you guess which language it’s in and where it’s spoken?

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Lowlands-L Anniversary Celebration

Lowlands-L Anniversary Celebration is an interesting website I discovered recently which features translations of a Low Saxon / Low German folktale, De Tunkrüper (The Wren), in numerous languages. There are also details of the languages and recordings of some of the translations. The author of the site, Reinhard F. Hahn, is keen to collect translations […]

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