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Tell me all about it

According to an article on Science Daily, a good way to remember something you’re learnt is to tell someone else about it, or to test yourself on it. A study got students to watch films, then asked them to describe what they’d seen afterwards. Those who told someone about the films just after watching them […]

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New Year

A Multilingual Happy New Year!

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A Multilingual Merry Christmas to all who celebrate it! From:

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Slop stones

Last night I went to a very interesting talk by a member of Mourholme Local History Society, which my mum has been part of for many years. The talk, entitled ‘Flush and Forget in Silverdale’, was about water supplies and drainage in Silverdale in Lancashire, where my mum lives and where I grew up. Silverdale […]

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Top 100 Language Learning Blogs

This blog has been chosen as one of the Top 100 Language Learning Blogs – a list which includes links to other language-related blogs that might interest you. Many thanks to those who chose this blog.

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When is a blog not a blog?

When I meet people who are familiar with my website, some of them say how much they like my blog. When I ask them what they like about it, they mention things that are on my website, rather than on this blog, so I soon realise that they’re using the word blog to refer to […]

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Phrase finder

There is a now a new way to view the phrases on Omniglot: a Phrase finder. This page enables you to see phrases in any combination of two languages. This is something I’ve been planning to set up for years, and now it’s finally ready. So if your native language isn’t English and you want […]

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Interview with Mango Languages

A while ago I did a interview with Mango Languages in which I talk about Omniglot and how and why I learnt my languages. If you’re interested you can hear it here: There’s a related blog post here:

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Finnish Language Day

Apparently today is Finnish Language Day or Suomen kielen päivä. It is the anniversary of the death of Mikael Agricola (c. 1510-1557), a clergyman who is known as the “father of literary Finnish” – he translated religious works into Finnish, including the New Testament, and modern Finnish spelling is based on his work. Before then […]

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A multlingual Merry Christmas and happy language learning in the New Year!

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