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Klamath & Modoc (?ewksiknii & moowat'aakknii)

Klamath and Modoc are closely related dialects of a Penutian language. Klamath is spoken around Klamath and Agency Lakes in south-central Oregon, and Modoc is spoken around Tule Lake and the lava beds in California. Very few people speak either dialect, though efforts are currently being made to revive them.

A number of methods of writing Klamath have been devised by linguists, such as Albert S. Gatschet, who published a dicionary, grammar and texts during the 1870s, and M.A.R. Barker who did the same during the 1960s, and by tribal elders. Barker's system most accurately represents the sounds of the language.

Klamath pronunciation

Klamath pronunciation


Information about the Klamath & Modoc languages and peoples

Klamath Tribes

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