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Kerinci (Baso Kincayi) Baso Kincayi (Kerinci language)

Kerinci is a Malayan language spoken in Jambi province of Sumatra in Indonesia, especially in Kerinci Regency and Sungai Penuh City. There are about 290,000 speakers, and the language has a number of highly divergent dialects: Ulu, Mamaq, Akit, Talang and Sakei.

Kerinci script (Surat Incoung) Surat Incoung (Kerinci script)

The Kerinci script has been used since the 14th century to write Kerinci. It has been written on bamboo, horn, bark and palm leaves, and is currently used on road signs, government office signs and on tourist trinkets.

Notable features

Kerinci script


Kerinci script diacritics

Sample text

Sample text in the Kerinci script


Kamai bangga basuhat incoung, idak uhang kincai kalau dak pandai manulih incoung.


We are proud using the Incoung script, don't claim to be a native Kerinci person if you can't write with the Incoung script.

Information about the Kerinci language and the Satera Jontal script mainly provided by Ridwan Maulana. If you have any questions about this script, you can contact Ridwan at ridwanmaul768@gmail.com

Sample video in Kerinci


Information about the Kerinci

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