Igala (Ígáláà)

Igala is a member of the Yoruboid group of Volta-Niger languages. It is spoken by about 1.6 million people mainly in Kogi State in the North Central region of Nigeria, particularly south of the confluence of the Niger and Benue Rivers.

Dialects of Igala include Ibaji, Idah, Dekina, Ogugu, Ankpa and Ebu, which are named after the areas or towns where they are spoken.

A way to write Igala with the Latin alphabet was devied by W.T.A. Philpot in 1931, and this was adopted by the colonial authorities at the time. In 1980 the alphabet was revised by the National Language Centre. Igala is taught in primary schools, and there is some written material in it. However, few Igala speakers are literate in their language.

Igala alphabet

Igala alphabet and pronunciation

Download an alphabet chart for Igala (Excel)


In W.T.A. Philpot’s 1931 alphabet for Igala, ng = ñ, nm = ñm, nw = ñw, and the order of the letters is different: n, ny ñm, ñw, n o ọ p ñ.

Sample videos in Igala

Information about Igala | Numbers


Information about the Igala language

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