Time in Slovak

How to tell the time in Slovak.

English Slovak (slovenský)
What time is it? Koľko je hodín?
It's one o'clock Je jedna hodina
It's quarter past one Je štvrť na dve
It's half past one Je pol druhej
It's quarter to two Je tri štvrte na dve
It's two o'clock Sú dve hodiny
It's quarter past two Je štvrť na tri
It's half past two Je pol tretej
It's quarter to three je tri štvrte na tri
It's three o'clock Sú tri hodiny
It's quarter past three Je štvrť na štyri
It's half past three Je pol štvrtej
It's quarter to four Je tri štvrte na štyri
It's four o'clock Sú štyri hodiny
It's quarter past four Je štvrť na päť
It's half past four Je pol piatej
It's quarter to five Je tri štvrte na päť
It's five o'clock Je päť hodín
It's quarter past five Je štvrť na šesť
It's half past five Je pol šiestej
It's quarter to six Je tri štvrte na šesť
It's six o'clock Je šesť hodín
It's quarter past six Je štvrť na sedem
It's half past six Je pol siedmej
It's quarter to seven Je tri štvrte na sedem
It's seven o'clock Je sedem hodín
It's quarter past seven Je štvrť na osme
It's half past seven Je pol ôsmej
It's quarter to eight Je tri štvrte na osem
It's eight o'clock Je osem hodín
It's quarter past eight Je štvrť na deväť
It's half past eight Je pol deviatej
It's quarter to nine Je tri štvrte na deväť
It's nine o'clock Je deväť hodín
It's quarter past nine Je štvrť na desať
It's half past nine Je pol desiatej
It's quarter to ten Je tri štvrte na desať
It's ten o'clock Je desať hodín
It's quarter past ten Je švrť na jedenásť
It's half past ten Je pol jedenástej
It's quarter to eleven Je tri štvrte na jedenásť
It's eleven o'clock Je jedenásť hodín
It's quarter past eleven Je štvrť na dvanásť
It's half past eleven Je pol dvanástej
It's quarter to twelve Je tri štvrte na dvanásť
It's twelve o'clock Je dvanásť hodín
It's quarter past twelve Je štvrť na jednu
It's half past twelve Je pol jednej
It's quarter to one Je tri štvrte na jednu
it's midnight Je polnoc
it's midday Je poludnie
in the morning ráno
in the afternoon popoludní
in the evening večer


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