Numbers in West Kayah

How to count in West Kayah (ꤊꤢꤛꤢꤟ), a variety of Red Karen spoken in northeastern Myanmar.

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Numeral Cardinal
1 (꤁) ꤒꤣ (tô) [tə¹]
2 (꤂) ꤔꤛꤢꤩ꤭ (nyê̌) [nje³]
3 (꤃) ꤞꤛꤣ꤭ (thyô̌) [θɯə³]
4 (꤄) ꤜꤝꤟꤤ꤭ (lwǐ̤) [lwi̤³]
5 (꤅) ꤑꤟꤢ꤭ (nyǎ̤) [ɲa̤³]
6 (꤆) ꤏꤛꤣ (shyô) [sʰɯə]
7 (꤇) ꤔꤝꤥ (nwǒ) [nwo]
8 (꤈) ꤞꤛꤥ (thyǒ) [θjo]
9 (꤉) ꤘꤢ꤬ (da) [da¹]
10 (꤁꤀) ꤏꤛꤢꤩ (shyê) [sʰje]
11 (꤁꤁) ꤏꤛꤢꤩ ꤒꤣ (shyê tô) [sʰje tə¹]
12 (꤁꤂) ꤏꤛꤢꤩ ꤔꤛꤢꤩ꤭ (shyê nyê̌) [sʰje nje³]
13 (꤁꤃) ꤏꤛꤢꤩ ꤞꤛꤣ꤭ (shyê thyô̌) [sʰje θɯə³]
14 (꤁꤄) ꤏꤛꤢꤩ ꤜꤝꤟꤤ꤭ (shyê lwǐ̤) [sʰje lwi̤³]
15 (꤁꤅) ꤏꤛꤢꤩ ꤑꤟꤢ꤭ (shyê nyǎ̤) [sʰje ɲa̤³]
16 (꤁꤆) ꤏꤛꤢꤩ ꤏꤛꤣ (shyê shyô) [sʰje sʰɯə]
17 (꤁꤇) ꤏꤛꤢꤩ ꤔꤝꤥ (shyê nwǒ) [sʰje nwo]
18 (꤁꤈) ꤏꤛꤢꤩ ꤞꤛꤥ (shyê thyǒ) [sʰje θjo]
19 (꤁꤉) ꤏꤛꤢꤩ ꤘꤢ꤬ (shyê da) [sʰje da¹]
20 (꤂꤀) ꤔꤛꤢꤩ꤭ ꤏꤛꤢꤩ (nyê̌ shyê) [nje³ sʰje]
30 (꤃꤀) ꤞꤛꤣ꤭ ꤏꤛꤢꤩ (thyô̌ shyê) [θɯə³ sʰje]
40 (꤄꤀) ꤜꤝꤟꤤ꤭ ꤏꤛꤢꤩ (lwǐ̤ shyê) [lwi̤³ sʰje]
50 (꤅꤀) ꤑꤟꤢ꤭ ꤏꤛꤢꤩ (nyǎ̤ shyê) [ɲa̤³ sʰje]
60 (꤆꤀) ꤏꤛꤣ ꤏꤛꤢꤩ (shyô shyê) [sʰɯə sʰje]
70 (꤇꤀) ꤔꤝꤥ ꤏꤛꤢꤩ (nwǒ shyê) [nwo sʰje]
80 (꤈꤀) ꤞꤛꤥ ꤏꤛꤢꤩ (thyǒ shyê) [θjo sʰje]
90 (꤉꤀) ꤘꤢ꤬ ꤏꤛꤢꤩ (da shyê) [da¹ sʰje]
100 (꤁꤀꤀) ꤒꤣ꤬ꤡꤝꤟꤢꤧ (tôcwè̤) [tə¹ʤwɛ̤]

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