Numbers in Tumulung Sisaala

How to count in Tumulung Sisaala (Sisaaliŋ Tumuluŋ), a Gur language spoken in northern Ghana.

Note: the shorter versions of the numbers are used when counting in general, while the long versions are used to count specific things.

Numeral Cardinal numbers Ordinal numbers
1 dɩaŋ, kʋbala bumbuŋ
2 lɩa, balɩa -lɩamɩŋ
3 tori, batori -torimuŋ
4 nɛsɛ, banɛsɛ -nɛsɛmɩŋ
5 nɔɔŋ, banɔŋ -nɔmmʋŋ
6 dʋ, balɩdʋ -dʋmʋŋ
7 pɛɛ, balɩpɛ -pɛɛmɩŋ
8 chori -chorimuŋ
9 nibe -nibimiŋ
10 fii -fiimiŋ
20 mara
100 zɔlɔ
1,000 bʋɩ


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