Numbers in Tuamotuan

How to count in Tuamotuan (Reʻo Paʻumotu), a Polynesian language spoken mainly in the Tuamotu archipelago in French Polynesia.

Notes: Tuamotuan traditional numbers are only used up to 10. Beyond that, Tahitian numbers are used. The numbers in (parentheses) were collected by the Rev. Père Hervé Audran in the early 20th century.

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Numeral Cardinal
1 tahi (o rari)
2 rua (e ite)
3 toru (e geti)
4 hā (e ope)
5 rima (e mika / keka)
6 ono (e hene)
7 hitu (e hite)
8 varu (e hava)
9 iva (e nipa)
10 agahuru (fakarai / horihori)
11 ’ahuru ma ho’e
12 ’ahuru ma piti
13 ’ahuru ma toru
14 ’ahuru ma maha
15 ’ahuru ma pae
16 ’ahuru ma ono
17 ’ahuru ma hitu
18 ’ahuru ma va’u
19 ’ahuru ma iva
20 piti ’ahuru
21 piti ’ahuru ma ho’e
22 piti ’ahuru ma piti
23 piti ’ahuru ma toru
24 piti ’ahuru ma maha
25 piti ’ahuru ma pae
26 piti ’ahuru ma ono
27 piti ’ahuru ma hitu
28 piti ’ahuru ma va’u
29 piti ’ahuru ma iva
30 toru ’ahuru
40 maha ’ahuru
50 pae ’ahuru
60 ono ’ahuru
70 hitu ’ahuru
80 va’u ’ahuru
90 iva ’ahuru
100 hanere
1,000 tautini

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Information about numbers and counting in Tuamotuan Part_VI_by_Pere_Herve_Audran p42-43/p1

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