Numbers in Tigre

How to count in Tigre (ትግረ), a South Semitic language spoken in Eritrea and Sudan.

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Numeral Cardinal Ordinal
1 (፩) ሐተ (ḥate), ሐንተ (ḥante), አሮ ('aro) አወል (awel), ቀዳም (q’edam)
2 (፪) ክልኤ (kili’ē) ከልእ (kaal'e)
3 (፫) ሰለአስ (sel'ās) ሰልስ (saals)
4 (፬) አርበዕ ('arbaʽe) ረብዕ (raab'e)
5 (፭) ሐምስ (ḥams), ሐሙስ (ḥamus) ሐምስ (ḥaams)
6 (፮) ስእስ (si'es), ሱስ (sus) ሰድስ (saads)
7 (፯) ሰቡዕ (sebuʽi) ሰብዕ (saab'e)
8 (፰) ሰመን (seman) ሰምን (saamn)
9 (፱) ሰዕ (siʽe) ተስዕ (taas'e)
10 (፲) ዐስር (ʽasir) ዐስር ('asr)
11 (፲፩) ዐስር-ሐተ (ʽasir-hatte)
12 (፲፪) ዐስር-ክልኤ (ʽasir-kil'e)
13 (፲፫) ዐስር-ሰለአስ (ʽasir-sel'ās)
14 (፲፬) ዐስር-አርበዕ (ʽasir-'arbaʽe)
15 (፲፭) ዐስር-ሐምስ (ʽasir-ḥams)
16 (፲፮) ዐስር-ስእስ (ʽasir-si'es)
17 (፲፯) ዐስር-ሰቡዕ (ʽasir-sebuʽi)
18 (፲፰) ዐስር-ሰመን (ʽasir-seman)
19 (፲፱) ዐስር-ሰዕ (ʽasir-siʽe)
20 (፳) ዕስረ (ʽisra)  
21 ዕስረ ወክልኤ (ʽisra w kili’ē)
30 (፴) ሰለሰ (selasa)  
40 (፵) አርበዐ (arbaʽa)  
50 (፶) ሐምሰ (ḥamsa)  
100 (፻) ምእት (mi'et)  
1,000 (፲፻) አልፍ ('alf)  

Hear some Tigre numbers:

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